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Jazz To Soothe The Soul

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world while playing and recording music. And, not only do I get to play with my own group, but often I am involved on various projects with other bands and musicians.

I hope this collection of my recordings will serve to soothe your day. Feel free to listen to the tunes as much or as often as you want. All these tunes are from my various albums and are presented in full length. Thank you for listening and supporting my music.

Enjoy a sampling of tunes from my various albums.

Where There's Music, There's Joy!

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According To The Critics

    Diego Urcola: Mates- 2014Diego Urcola: Soundances -2003Diego Urcola: Viva - 2006Diego Urcola: Soundances -2003Diego Urcola: Viva - 2006Diego Urcola: Appriciation - 2011Diego Urcola: Mates- 2014
  • Mates Album

    Urcola displays his versatility of sounds and moods as he gets bold and brassy with Cohen on “Elegua” yet can go cool and muted on the Harmon with Dargenton on “Elm.”
    George W. Harris
    Jazz Weekly
  • Soundances Album

    Many critics compare Diego Urcola's horn style to that of Miles Davis. On "Soundances," Urcola acknowledges his kinship with the late horn great by covering Miles Davis's signature "Blue in Green." But with the button accordion intro and the Argentine musicians under Urcola's direction, "Blue in Green" comes off as a completely new song.
    Marco Werman
    NPR/BBC Global Hits
  • Viva Album

    Urcola's obviously learned a few things listening to Davis, his style indicates a patience with the material. ...tunes that approximate the intimacy of a Miles Davis group, with fidelity to melody, a creeping sense of surprise and expressive solos.
    John Ephland
    Downbeat Magazine
  • Soundances Album

    Urcola plays with dexterity and strength. He's an orderly musician, and like so many other young jazz players, he's looking far and wide for music that will sum up himself and his generation.
    Ben Ratliff
    The New York Times
  • Viva Album

    The  album is smartly conceived and deftly executed. It's a testament not only to his abilities but also to the energy and innovation now flourishing in the realm of Latin Jazz.
    Nate Chinen
    The New York Times
  • Appreciation Album

    ... Urcola is more of a light-footed dancer with a killer punch. He never stops moving, and never telegraphs when the next aggressive rip or upper-register run will land.
    James Hale
    Downbeat Magazine
  • Mates Album

    It is Diego Urcola and his glimmering, brazen horns that add the glorious colours to the music on this date. Mr. Urcola is a true master of tonal shade.
    Raul da Gama
    Latin Jazz Network