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You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.

- Miles Davis
During my professional career, I have been fortunate to have released multiple albums as a solo artist. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that knowing my music will be listened to and enjoyed all around the world. I hope you enjoy getting to know my music as a soloist. There's sure to be more albums added in the years to come.
While it is a tremendous responsibility to participate in recording session by other artists, since it requires precision and a specific set of playing skills, the joy of creating great music with others is beyond words. Below, is a partial list of projects I have enjoyed participating on where you can hear my trumpet contribution.

As A Leader

Diego Urcola: Mates- 2014
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Audio CD (October 8, 2013)
Label: Sunnyside Records


The drinking of mate, a beverage infused from ground yerba mate leaves and water, has been a South American culinary and social tradition for centuries. The sharing of the calabash that contains the hot drink and the consequential interaction between friends has become the social norm, especially in Argentina.

The friendly tradition of drinking mate served as inspiration for Argentinean born, New York based trumpeter Diego Urcola. For his playfully titled new recording Mates, Urcola wanted to mirror this give and take between friends (or mates ) with that of the musical duet. To achieve this, the trumpeter recorded a number of intimate meetings with a handful of his closest musical associates, including bassist Avishai Cohen, vibraphonist Dave Samuels, harpist Edmar Castañeda and bandoneón player Juan Dargenton.

1. Eleguá - 3:30
2. ELM - 4:54
3. Colibri - 4:37
4. A Fala da Paixão - 3:54
5. Gadu - 2:42
6. Alfonsina y el Mar - 5:39
7. Preludio #3 - 4:50
8. Milonga para Paquito - 2:43
9. Float - 5:53
10. Samba Pa'Dos - 4:10
11. You Don't Know What Love Is - 3:55
12. El Dia que me Quieras - 6:26
13. Colombian Dixie - 3:54
14. Final Waltz - 3:28
Diego Urcola: Appriciation - 2011
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Audio CD (February 8, 2011)
Label: Camjazz

One of the more difficult aspects of being a modern musician is acknowledging forebears while developing a unique identity. Trumpeter Diego Urcola pays tribute to his heroes and contemporaries on his new recording, Appreciation. He shows his recognition not by imitation but through compositions inspired and dedicated to heroes and friends, including Freddie Hubbard, Hermeto Pascoal, Paquito D'Rivera, and Guillermo Klein. Urcola presents his original compositions with the help of an amazing ensemble, featuring pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Hans Glawischnig, and drummer Eric McPherson.

1. The Natural (to Freddie Hubbard) - 5:34
2. El Brujo (to Hermeto Pascoal) - 5:45
3. Milonga Para Paquito (to Paquito D'Rivera) - 5:00
4. Super Mario Forever (to Mario Rivera) - 5:00
5. Guachos (to Guillermo Klein & Los Guachos) - 7:21
6. Deep (to Astor Piazzolla & Miles Davis) - 7:37
7. Senhor Wayne (to Wayne Shorter) - 4:58
8. Woody'n Diz (to Woody Shaw & Dizzy Gillespie)- 4:35
9. Camila (to John Coltrane) - 8:37

Diego Urcola: Viva - 2006
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Audio CD (May 23, 2006)
Label: Camjazz


Viva features the Grammy nominated trumpeter leading an all-star lineup. "I wanted to put together my dream band," said Urcola. The core group of Edward Simon, Avishai Cohen, Antonio Sanchez, and Pernel Saturnino is joined by guests, Paquito D'Rivera, Jimmy Heath, Dave Samuels and Conrad Herwig.

Viva features four Urcola originals; two from fellow Argentine composer/big bandleader Guillermo Klein; a pair from another Argentine composer and one of Urcola's best friends, Juan Raffo; a piece by Heath, and the Astor Piazzola classic, "Adios Nonino," a sublime melody the bandoneon master wrote for his father. "I love this tune," says Urcola. "I wrote this arrangement a few years ago for a concert I did with Paquito." On Viva, a sensibility of experimentation is vibrantly apparent throughout. So too is Urcola's aim to integrate his homeland's voice into the jazz idiom. "I like to bring the tango flavor from my country into the mix," he says, then adds, "But foremost I'm a jazz musician."

1. Tango Azul - 6:54
2. Viva - 7:34
3. Afroraffo - 5:43
4. El Camino - 8:18
5. Blues For Jimmy - 7:09
6. 40/40 - 6:46
7. Sound For Sore Ears - 6:59
8. Adios Nonino - 7:45
9. Gringo Dance - 7:39
10. Emilia - 4:54
Diego Urcola: Soundances -2003
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Audio CD (October 7, 2003)
Label: URKO


Sounding unlike any other trumpet player in the history of jazz, with a rich warmth of tone and astounding accuracy of execution--especially in his muted playing, which is unlike anything else around--Diego Urcola bursts on the scene with a stunning debut.

The Argentinean trumpet player, who's played with everyone from Paquito D'Rivera to Guillermo Klein to Danilo Perez to Avishai Cohen, places himself in an engaging world-jazz setting that crosses musical borders (Samba, Tango, Afro-Cuban) as easily as one crosses state lines. With a cast of musicians probably unknown to any but the most anal-retentive jazz follower, Urcola carves out territory that resonates with lots of Latin world jazz, but especially with his home country of Argentina.

1. Blues For Astor - 7:11
2. Despedida( Farewell) - 6:55
3. Artigas Mano Izquierda - 5:03
4. Lorena - 7:16
5. Gato Con Guantes - 5:44
6. La Milonga - 6:22
7. Naranjo En Flor - 6:09
8. Maria Ciudad - 6:25
9. Blue In Green - 2:48
10. Nanas Para Santi - 5:50
11. Cuando Yo No Este - 4:00
12. Alfonsina Y El Mar - 6:35
13. Final Waltz - 5:51
Diego Urcola: Libertango - 2000
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Audio CD (April 13, 2000)
Label: Fresh Sound World Jazz
ASIN: B07229WQ51


This albums is the introduction of Urcola as a soloist and band leader. The album features Chris Cheek, Ed Simon, Abraham Rodríguez, Avishai Cohen & Raul Jaurena

1. Libertango - 9:04
2. Clara - 7:02
3. Dancing in the Closet - 7:18
4. Buenos Aires - 9:50
5. Super Mario - 9:00
6. El Día Que Me Quieras - 8:36
7. Samba Para Claudio - 7:49
8. Pekin - 6:42
9. Cuarenta Que Son Uno - 7:19

Collaborating & Making Music With Friends